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BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets are constructed with strong neodymium magnetic rods and can filter small ferrous contaminants from powders and granulates in free-fall and low-pressure transport pipes. The material of the shelf and the rods are in food grade stainless steel, which is pollution-free as well as corrosion-resistant. The surface is also mirror polished to meet the requirements of food or drug grade.

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets are useful in separation of ferrous contaminated material from raw materials. Typically used in Food, Pharmaceutical or Plastics industries. Sizes and configurations can be custom built to suit individual requirements.

BJ Magnets’ Grid Magnets have standard working temperature of ≤80 ℃, but under special requirements, the maximum working temperature can reach 350 ℃.

The magnetic rods are placed inside the product flow to achieve optimal magnetic contact and successful removal of ferrous contamination.

We are ISO 9001: 2015

Certified by SABS

Bullet Magnet


Single Manual Cleaning Grid Magnets are placed directly in the product stream allowing free flowing products to come in direct contact with the grid. Grid Magnets are typically constructed with one inch or 25 mm diameter magnetic tubes mounted on two-inch centres in a frame. The length and width can be fabricated to any dimension, usually in two-inch increments.


Single Manual Cleaning Grid Magnets offer excellent protection from metal contamination. As product flows over the magnetic tubes, captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube where they are now out of contact with the product flow preventing wash off back into the clean material.


Ideal for free flowing powders and granules. Very useful for food ingredients and plastics industries.  

Manufactured to food industry required grade standard, which is 316 stainless steel; with high effectiveness and consistent performance.

Bespoke manufactured to your specific dimensions, hence in correspondence to your expected solution needs.

The Magnet strength comes in high intensity Rare Earth magnets which can range from 7,000 to 14,000 gauss.


High intensity Rare Earth magnets, which comes in nickel coated. Also available in  ceramic either, if necessary nevethless.

Manufactured to fit various pipelines ranging from 50mm – 350mm diameter, our Cone or Bulet magnet comes with flanges to suit square and round pipelines, for installation.

The spaces between Magnetic Rods are determined based on your product specification; and the flow rate.

Applications are not limited only to: Flour, Spices, Grains, Maize, Salt, Animal feeds, Pellets (Feed or plastic), Sugar or Coffee.

BJ Magnets

Grid Magnets provide a full range of ferrous metal separation from free-flowing products with gravity fall processing applications. They are designed to offer maximum capture, control and protection of equipment while improving product purity.

Located at critical areas where ferrous particles capture is possible for maximum protection of food and equipment; removal of most cleaned debris is feasible. Cleaning is achieved by removing the Grid Magnet and wiping the magnetic tubes clean. It is important to keep in mind that by placing a Grid Magnet in the product flow, you will be reducing fifty percent of your flow through area. Grid Magnets should be sized such that they do not impede the flow of product.

Grids are mostly effective when the product is dry, free flowing and does not bridge between the magnetic tubes. Hence, it is crucial to select the Magnetic Grid at least twice the cross-sectional area of the incoming flow opening and discharge.

Grid Magnets can be designed, manufactured and supplied on various optional types: Ordinary type or Easy-clean Type, as well as shapes and sizes like: Rectangular Grid, Square Grid,  Circular Grids, Centre-support style Grids (square/circular). etc…

BJ Magnets is ISO 9001:2015 certified company by SABS for Quality Management System. All our Magnetic Separator Equipment are designed, manufactured and supplied under observation of the principles of the HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010. Moreso, to the bargain of their effectiveness, the internal and external aspect of the magnetic equipment is produced according to the food health and safety standard in terms of the building materials; which is austenitic stainless steel of grade 304 or 316. Thereof upon completion, a certificate of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which is valid for 12 months is issued; in which case the equipment shall not be subjected to the anual validation.


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