About Us

Our Mission

We, BJ Magnets, are committed to supplying quality (raw) Magnets and Magnetic Separator Equipment. We also deliver world class engineered and unbiased solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations, but at a competitive rate, while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings.

Our Vision

We, BJ Magnets, have pledged ourselves to deliver quality service to our customers thus exceeding their expectations. Our vision is to reach excellence and go beyond the limits. We are eager to be a leading role company in the provision of (raw) Magnets as well as innovative engineered solutions.

Our Business

BJ Magnets is a well-established and multi-service provider company owned by a black South African woman thus credited with level 1 in the BEE scoring levels under the amendment codes of South Africa. The Chief Executive Officer is a young talented Mechanical Engineer with more than 9 years of experience from previous reputable Mechanical Engineering companies, executing strenuous tasks at senior management levels.


BJ Magnets is consistently committed to deliver quality products and provide quality services that meet regulatory requirements to the full satisfaction of its customers, thus exceeding their expectations through continuous improved skills that meet the Quality Management System standard. Apart design, manufacturing and other services; BJ Magnets is a distributor of (raw) Magnets to private and industrial clients, big or small. We supply raw Sintered, Bonded, and injection moulded magnets such as:

  • Rare Earth/Neodymium.
  • Samarium Cobalt.
  • Ceramic/Ferrite,
  • Alnico, As well as
  • Flexible magnetic materials.

BJ Magnets is a manufacturer of Engineered Permanent and Electro-Magnet Equipment and Assemblies. BJ Magnets, offers optimized and unbiased solutions to technical related issues, with the greatest value of applications. With our global sourcing we design, manufacture and supply commercial or standard and custom-made Permanent as well as Electro-Magnet Equipment. The range of Engineered permanent Magnet Separator Equipment and Assemblies include, but not limited to:

Plate Magnets & Chute Magnets

Grid & House Grid Magnets

Sweeper Magnets

Probe Magnets

Over-belt Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Head Pulley

Heavy Duty Drum Magnet

Food Traps; and a lot more.

We, BJ Magnets, design and manufacture magnetic assemblies to your specifications. With our expertise, we strive to improving an existing design for optimum performance, while at the same time minimizing costs. Therefore, allow our experienced Engineers to offer you their vast experience in design and manufacturing.  We use both 2-D and 3-D magnetic modelling programs to take the guess work out of multiple iterations.

BJ Magnets is SABS ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, for Quality Management System, to ensure not only the quality of its products thus for your best usage, but for the quality of service delivery as well. We do in our power and knowledge, in terms of service delivery of course, everything possible such that you make us your ultimate choice.


Hence, when considering your next purchase of (raw) Magnets or Magnetic Separator Equipment, think about us. Think about BJ Magnets and give us a call to request a quote. Alternatively, send us an e-mail and our excited Saleswoman will be in touch with you within a short period of time.

Quotes are turned within 24 hours. We are committed not only to keeping your production line on the go, but also to making you our most satisfied customer. We, BJ Magnets, exceed your expectations.


From Medical, Military Defence Force, Automotive, Electrical, Aerospace or Sensor & Firearms, to burgeoning markets that did not exist few years ago; BJ Magnets has been designing and manufacturing standard or custom-made magnetic equipment assemblies as well as supplying (raw) Magnets that, not only meet customers’ satisfaction, but also exceed their expectations.  From Permanent to Electro-Magnet Equipment, Food Traps as well as complex magnetic assemblies, BJ Magnets has in the past, delivered incredible services to quite a number of leading companies in the Food and Mining industries; thus graced to its very knowledgeable and qualified staff.

We, at BJ Magnets, work in collaboration with our customers or their production team, in order to design unbiased Magnetic Separator Equipment sustainable to productivity cost and time efficiency.

BJ Magnets has provided quality services to private leading companies, government departments and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) throughout Africa, and in the South African regions. Amongst our served and satisfied customers include renowned companies like:


In Mining






 In Food


– TONGAAT                   –   PREMIER FOOD

– ORANJE SALT              –      NESTLE


– SALPIRA SALT              –     MARS FOOD

– RCL                                –     UCL

– ILLOVO                         –    SIZWE



In Plastic



And a great many more.



BJ Magnets’ strategy is to provide superior engineering consultancies, solutions and services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require. The elements of our business strategy include:

InnovationBJ Magnets relies on on-going innovation in engineering planning and design, project implementation, project management and support services to ensure continuity in engineering leadership, which our customers experience in the form of greater cost efficiencies.

Solutions-based selling model: We, at BJ Magnets, use solution-based selling models that emphasize on tailor-making solutions to address unique customer’s business requirements and needs.

Core Values

The Management and staff at BJ Magnets subscribe and commit themselves to:


  • Respect the rights of all customers
  • Reach customers’ expectations for a professional service
  • Always strive to provide excellent solutions and services to customers
  • Operate in a manner that reflect our honesty and integrity
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged employees in the company

Skills Development

We actively encourage growth and development in all our staff, and view skills development and capacity building as a critical portfolio for the success of our business. In addition to mentorship and job training, we fund short training courses as well as college diplomas for our staff interested in further studies and personal development. Areas of training and development are Engineering related advanced/training programmes.

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