Accessory Magnets

Why our Products ?

Sweeper Magnets

BJ Magnets’ Sweeper Magnets are ultimate tools that can help pick up any ferrous related debris such as nails, scrap iron, welding remnants, wires, staples, tacks, metal shavings or grinding dust, screws, nuts etc. — Just by passing the Sweeper Magnet over the objects, either by pushing on hand or towing it with a vehicle. They quickly clear large areas like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction sites, distribution centers, terminals, parking lots, and even your home garage as well as basement; be it in dimly-lit or hard-to-see areas. And that, with a very minimal physical labor.

Unlike traditional push broom, which can lose pieces of metal in its bristles, not to mention labor intensity; a BJ Magnets’ Sweeper Magnet can prevent possible harm to people attending the above-mentioned areas. Which harm can be costly, as a messy space covered in loose metal debris can quickly lead to many punctured tires for instance, expensive medical bills or even lawsuits.

A regular running of a Sweeper Magnet over a required area may extend the life time of your vehicle tires and protect other valuable equipment as well. Getting one designed to suit your desire will save you time and money. Please reach us for your bespoke Sweeper Magnet that will work in any weather condition (rain, heat or cold) or terrain (grass or gravel).

Knife Magnetic Holders

When your kitchen needs a place to keep knives, large and small; think about BJ Magnets. We sell wider and thicker Knife Magnetic Holders in various sizes. Our Knife Magnetic Holders come with a strong magnetic attraction to hold fast your knives for your peace of mind as weak ones are dangerous, since the knives will keep dropping and leading to chips and dents. Not to forget how dangerous it can be if you have children or pets with easy access to the kitchen.

The BJ Magnets’ Knife Magnetic Holders are made of high-quality Stainless Steel for a long-lasting luster and easy to clean. This modern design is manufactured to easily mount on a wall to reach your expectation for your kitchen decoration. Space saving, the BJ Magnets’ Knife Magnetic Holders are a safe and convenient way of storing knives, or just any cutlery in your kitchen.

Get a Knife Magnetic Holder to your dimensions specification that will accommodate your knives need. Safe than a drawer; your Knife Magnetic Holders will reduce possible dull on your knives as they prevent unnecessary friction with other items. And not only do-they save space as all the knives will be in one place; you can also use the Magnetic Holder to store other metallic  utensils of the kitchen like metallic spatulas.

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